Election 2016 Map App Reviews

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What happened!

What was a nice app has become suddenly buggy and plagued with display problems. Worse, no one seems to be in any hurry to make repairs. Well, you get what you pay for...

Fun app - just as advertised

This is a great tool right now with the election tightening. Very fun and well written.


Complete waste of money and time.

Biased fake

Not accurate one sided


According to the preview on the App Store, it showed a control panel. I was hoping to find an election app that would show Senate and Congressional Districts that would allow me to follow all the down-ballot races. Well, after downloading and opening app, there is no control panel. Also, the ENTIRE northeastern part (New England states) of the country is cut off. You can see any of these states. Unprofessional and unacceptable. I want my dollar back.

Doesn't Work

How do you go back to 2016 once you go to another election year?

Hours Of Enjoyment!!

Hahaha excellent! Will it be Clinton?! Will it be Trump?! I appreciate the historical data which saves me from jumping from wikipage to wikipage to study past election results. It encourages n challenges me to thoughtfully consider the demographics n perspectives that may influence voters in a given state. I do however wish that there were an option that would allow me to type in a name for the candidate myself, instead of choosing one from the scroll-down menu. That way I could do, HRC, Sandman, Rubot, CruzShip, T-Rump, or some such demonym. But eh. On the whole, I positively. Love. It. Tysm. - Benge

Useless waste of money

Wanted to explore possible outcomes. This app made that too hard. Save your 99 cents.

Good App

I like that this app has an interactive feature and the ability to control the electoral landscape. You can play with different paths to 270. My only issue with this app is that there has not been an update since the last presidential election (2012). Even just once a year between cycles is all that is needed.

Don't do it. Reconsider

Booooo!!! It didn't work, I'm mad, I want my money back.

A fraud

This app make you believe it is giving you up to date information on the 2012 election. However, it only provided me past years info. I spent money on this app that I want back because it was useless to the 2012 election is was advertising.

Does not work

Don't buy it. Doesn't work.

Rip off

This app would leave you to believe it was interactive. It is static and not worth the money spent. Buy a box of crayons and color and you will receive more insight. Shame on who made this


Doesn't do anything that would be need waste of money


This is not worth the ninety-nine cents. It does big do what it says it will.

This app is worthless

Seriously don't waste a dime on it.

Save your money

App does absolutely nothing. Do not buy!

Da fuq?

Hate this, don't download, star system don't go low enough


Dont buy, take .99 and throw it in trash, same experience


This app is a total waste and I paid a dollar for nothing, complete waste.


I was looking for the current 2012 election such as percentages and which states have been won. What is this crap?

Not worth it

This app is not worth the buck

This app is not accurate. Do not buy.

This app is not accurate. Do not buy.


Not worth the dollar I paid for it.


I bought this app in hopes of current percentages ... What is this? Not happy... Worse .99$ ever

Free Apps Are Better

This is a disappointment - zero features.

This is just what I needed!

Great app, it's even better than some of the websites I've seen that have a similar map. It would great to have every POTUS election results!


This map service is clearly left leaning and misleading. C'mon. Pennsylvania is in play, even WISCONSIN is now. I downloaded this for an objective estimate. To me this represents worst case scenario. FAIL. In a couple of days this app will look like a JOKE. I've noted the name of your software company. Might want to change it.


That's it...horrible.

Left leaning?

Initial impression is this is a left leaning app--just look at the candidates names. "Obama" and "R cand". Really? Too hard to change to Romney?

Current = bad, Historical=good

Liked this app initially. However, the estimates haven't been updated in weeks. In fact some of the current estimates show leanings in the wrong-states. Need to get timely updates. Once this has been done I'll update my comments

This App is Exactly what you need!

this app is perfect, like it is the ONLY electoral map on te iphone, and not only that you can change the states back and forth, and its accurate and fast and simple! it also has all the years results from prior elections back to 1972! an you can edit them too!! DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

Good, But Not Great

I love politics and was interested in this app. I've had it for a while, and it's a decent one, although a more detailed version would be nice for analytical types like me. One piece of advice, though: Johnny Isakson's name should be colored red instead of blue because he's a Republican.

No updates

A nice way to test scenarios, but doesn't download new estimates as promised- the last estimate in from September of 2008- so it wouldn't even have been current for the LAST presidential election.... Bummer


A good start but you need to add senate and house elections. I'd also like to be able to load current polls for better predicting/scenarios.

Cool idea

Hey, just great idea, thanks!

Cool but I want more

Would be great if the app let you save scenarios. Also would be cool to let you add a third-party candidate scenario. Apple used to have a software program called President-Elect that let you raise and apportion money state-by-state for each candidate over the course of an election. It factored media coverage and stands on issues to simulate results. I want that! But, this is still pretty cool for a political dork like me

Nebraska and Maine

What are the little circles on Nebraska and Maine? And why whenever I press on them they switch numbers? Also has to change electoral vote numbers for each state.

Solid App

A few things about the app 1) Splitting Maine and Nebraska is needed. 2) Add 08 to historical 3) In 2012 the census will change EV totals for each state. Add a post census feature.

Doesn't let you split EV's

Useless. Doesn't let you split Maine and Nebraska's Electoral Votes by congressional districts, as their state laws allow. Might as well have fake states or wrong numbers.

Tatoal waste of money!

Get elsctionmap! It's the same price and it's soon much better!



All the results are wrong

It keeps teling me that TX is a blue state and CA is a red state, which is for sure wrong. It also says McCain is winning which I also know is wrong. Obama '08!!!!!

Great App just missing one feature

This is very useful to me since politics is my life especially during the election. I enjoy using it to discuss possible outcomes with my friends and family but if I could suggest one thing it would be that you should be able to leave a state undecided because whenever i show my mapp to my friends or family they say that it is too presuptious and that the results dont look right. So if you were to allow us to make the states undecided this would be the absolute greatest app on my iphone!

Simple and useful

Perfect for counting electoral while in line to vote or anywhere you'll be on the 4th. Needs to save more than one scenario though.

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